The Greys

The three greys are Lily, Lea and Kash. Plus Snoopy, the Shetland pony. Read more about them below!

Kashten (Kash)


Kash is a 2001 Arabian gelding by Spoons Superstition out of Shanette. He used to do the 1.10m jumpers back in his heyday, at venues like Spruce Meadows and Rocky Mountain Show Jumping. He’s even won a few ribbons against the big warmbloods! Now he spends his time romping around the pasture, harassing his sister Lea.

Yulea (Lea)


Lea is a 1999 Arabian mare by Spoons Superstition out of Shanette (Kash’s full sister!). She used to be kickass at the pony jumpers back in her prime, as well as dabbling in western and dressage. She now spends her time bossing around everything that moves out in the pasture. Lily is her first and only foal.

RMR Yule Be Surprised (Lily)


Lily is a 2006 Arabian mare by Surokhan out of Yulea. Lily hasn’t done a whole lot with her life, but that’s okay! She makes a great trail mount and would be excellent at western pleasure if I had the time to train her in it. Sadly, she is not a fan of jumping anymore, although she loved it when she was younger!



Snoopy was my first horse! He is a 1997 Shetland pony, and he spends his time wreaking havoc on the world. He is the boss of the whole herd, even 18hh Seven!