Sharpen Jumper Turns Exercise 1

Simple exercise to help sharpen up your jumper turns!

Set out a 20m circle (mine in this video is more like 18m) with pylons. The best way to do this is to have someone hold the end of a lunge line where you want the middle of the circle and then walk around keeping the lunge line tight, dropping pylons as you go. This will get you a *near* perfect circle! I placed one cavaletti on the circle for this exercise.

Start by going around the large circle, then go inside the circle for a smaller “tight” circle, then do the cavaletti, tight rollback and pick up the circle again. Gets the horse thinking about turning, sitting down on his haunches, and doing rollbacks with a little jump to break things up!


Add up to 4 cavaletti around the circle, with the same procedure in a cloverleaf pattern for 4 cavaletti or an alternating pattern for 2 cavaletti.

Put two circles side by side with a cavaletti between them, and instead of going to a rollback you could do a figure 8 between the two circles.

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