DIY Shipping Pallet Flower Boxes

Have some old pallets lying around? So do I! Have horses that are spooky at flowerboxes? So do I! The solution: pallet flower boxes! Super simple, and look very nice once finished.

Step 1: Select your pallet.


I liked this one because it had the double planks on either end, which would make a very nice base for the flower boxes! There are so many different variations of pallets though, pick one you like and get started!

Step 2: Remove the middle boards.

For my pallet, I took out the middle boards on both sides to save for later. I did this with a crowbar and a whole lot of effort… Those nails did NOT want to give! But perseverance pays off.


Step 3: Cut the pallet in half.

Okay, so not really in half. With the middle boards out of the way, I took a circular saw and cut the lengthwise 2x4s as close to the new “top” boards of my flower boxes as possible. Thus, two flower boxes were born! Stand them up and check out your handiwork.


Step 4: Take the middle boards you removed and screw them on the back.

The pallet I picked had a large gap between the top board and the bottom two boards, so I took the two boards I previously removed and screwed them on the backside. That way my fake flowers would have something to “brace” against and not fall through the top.


I might have broken one of the middle boards in my feverish attempt to remove them… But it’s not a structural element so it’s okay 😉

Step 5: Fill to your heart’s content!

I raided my fake flower bin and started stuffing my new boxes! For the top I used about 6 bunches, and the two lower sections have 2 bunches spread out as much as they can be. I probably could have used fewer bunches on the top, but I liked the fuller look.


I planned to use the flower boxes separately, but you can definitely use them together! Just make sure to coordinate flowers, as I clearly did not.

Step 6: Enjoy your new flower boxes!!

Optional: Paint em up! I might give mine a coat of white paint a little later to spruce them up even more.

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