Compact Jump Storage Cart Idea

Looking for an easy, compact way to store your jumps? At our barn, we don’t have a lot of space for jump storage, so my dad decided do build a jump cart using a wheeled cart frame he purchased at Princess Auto. He built the remaining structure out 2x6s and 2x4s. The cart can hold a full 10 jump course, while not taking up too much space!


There is storage space for uprights, rail storage on the outer “wings” and plank storage in the middle of the frame. There is also space on the top for large items: we put our “box” lunging standards here (a post on that later!).

In total, the cart can comfortably fit 24 of our uprights, with 4 sliding in beneath each “wing” of the frame. For rails, each “wing” can hold up to 8 rails, but we generally put only 6 because they get sorted by colour. We also have two sets of 3 planks, which slide in on either side of the middle beam shown in the photo, with room for 2 more sets as well.

Here’s a photo of it when it’s mostly full:


Note that we have more than four standards in each “wing” here, because we did not use the space on the far side because of the wall. If the extra jump rails hadn’t been underneath the cart, we would have pulled the cart away from the wall to put everything away properly!

Overall, this cart holds enough materials for a full course! Plus, it has a hitch on it so it can be towed by the ATV if it needs to be moved.

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